Luong Van Can Fund organized the sharing session “U.S Election”

As one of America’s most vibrant political activities, the U.S. presidential elections not only attract the stateside people but also people from all around the world. What makes this election attract a lot of people’s attention? With a view to seek answers to such a question, Luong Van Can Fund invited Mr. Le Nguyen Duy Hau, a lawyer, a senior mentor of the Fund and a scholar of the American governmental Fulbright Scholarship Program to share interesting facts revolving American elections. The sharing took place in the evening of 15/05/2020 via Zoom application, with the attendance of members from other nonprofit organizations, mentors and partners of the Fund.

In the spirit of “listening, exchanging knowledge with each other”, Mr. Hau often raised questions to provoke some food for thoughts among the participants after each part of the presentation, which created a comfortable and active atmosphere throughout the session. Each attendee brought up a new perspective with fascinating information on the sidelines relating to: The history and procedure of American elections, issues related to the electoral process, American society through presidential elections, impacts of American elections on the world, thus conjuring up a general picture on such a renowned election.

Apart from providing training programs to the scholars, Luong Van Can Fund also periodically organizes thematic talks for members from other NGOs and individuals, organizations who are the partners of the Fund to promote the connection and understanding within the partnership zones. The first thematic talk took place in November 2019 with the topic of “Personal financial management” which attracted 16 members from 6 organizations to participate in, and this talk  was greatly appreciated for its usefulness.