Growing up from Luong Van Can’s roof, LVCF Alumni are currently working in many different fields. No longer are the little boys or girls who timidly embarked on an interview for the first time at the Fund Office, they have grown up with rich experiences, accumulated life experiences, and confidence, steadily entered lifetime. Some of them are doctors, teachers, or working at foreign companies, and some others are still pursuing studies in another country. Regardless of the profession, they all have one thing in common: members of Luong Van Can’s family, and rarely leave this roof, because alumni are still sticking with Luong Van Can Fund by supporting and mentoring the next student class.

Bui Huu Nghi
Syngenta Vietnam
I was brought into a rural area with paddy fields and vegetable gardens. Therefore, I fully comprehended my parents' efforts and farmers' hard work. Since being a child, I have always dreamed of being an agricultural engineer to provide advanced knowledge and techniques to farmers in my hometown. My parents always encouraged my brother and me to pursue education despite our difficult family circumstances. Understanding their sacrifice, we studied hard to please our parents. In 2019, I graduated as a valedictorian from An Giang University with a degree in Plant Protection. I was overjoyed to see my parents' happiness on my graduation day. Currently, I am working as a salesman for Syngenta Vietnam - the world's leading agricultural corporation. This job fulfills my dreams and helps my family have a better standard of living. Hopefully, in the future, I will be able to continue working in my professional job and assist farmers in making profits from the fields in my hometown.
Dinh Nguyen Thuy Linh
Due to complications of a sudden high fever, I was paralyzed at the age of two. In addition to paying for my daily life, my parents have to struggle even more when they had to worry about finding a cure for me. After many years going back and forth to the hospitals from the North to the South, from having to lie still, I also went to a limp by my feet. Despite poor health and constant illness, the dream of going to school at that time even just letting me know more words was always my excitement, my driving force. I still remembered the first days when my mother carried me to class, I was scared and embarrassed by the curious eyes and teasing words from my friends. But thanks to everyone's encouragement and my own efforts, I overcame all of them. My dream later was to work at NGOs to participate in community development projects and activities. I hope that I will contribute and build projects to help people with disabilities have a better life.
Dinh Thi My Duyen
Postgraduate Student
University of Gothenburg (Sweeden)
Growing up in the Central Highland, my family’s main income is coffee - which is very precarious because it depends mainly on the weather. In spite of expensive care cost, low selling price, my parents always try hard to provide me and 2 younger brothers the best education . With the objective of learning to change my life, as well as family and people around, when I was a child, I encouraged myself strive everyday to be an inspirational person. I hope I can develop a career in the area related to the digital economy, high quality labour and global investment, to boost the competitiveness of domestic enterprises and promote domestic investment. After 2,5 years working in the field of service and investment, now I am studying the master program of Innovation and Industrial Management in Sweden. I hope these international experiences will help me go further along the way to realize my dreams.

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