LVCF Student
Being a member of Luong Van Can family, I am granted with invaluable advantages to fully develop myself, such as partaking in skill training sessions, receiving scholarships to attend quality foreign language classes and being accompanied and guided by enthusiastically talented mentors. I also get to know and learn from many future doctors, engineers and businessmen.  With the motto of assisting potential young people on the pathway to become all-round citizens, embodying responsibility to contribute to social development, Luong Van Can Fund has given me a favorable environment to progress, for which I am really appreciative and grateful. Thus I felt assured to focus on my study, train myself and expand my thinking.
LVCF Student
With the Fund keeping me company, I accumulate multitudinous knowledge and skills as well as having a second family where I am supported and given equal opportunities to pursue my dreams. In the Fund, I feel warm and trusted.
LVCF Student
Luong Van Can Fund is a motivating foundation for me to change for the better. I experienced a surprising transformation - from a person who possessed few teamwork skills to a leader of Luong Van Can Students Executive Board, from a youngster with no clear goals to a person with strong desire and determination, and from a student with no idea of exotic places to an exchange student visiting 2 countries during my time in university. Thanks to the Fund, I am growing up day by day.
Some of the traits that Luong Van Can students share are their modesty, confidence and the dynamic spirit to acquire new knowledge, despite their different backgrounds. I am impressed at how the Fund develops the students: from providing knowledge and skills on professions and life, to giving them opportunities to nurture their independence and responsibility with the community, their family and themselves. I wish the Fund an upcoming journey full of prospects to be a stimulating environment to students.
LVCF Student
Being a scholar since my first year at university, I have learnt to explore and evaluate my strengths, weaknesses and potential. Moreover, Luong Van Can Fund is regarded as my second family which supports me in the journey to make my dreams come true. It is also the place with fellow companions who teach me to love and to be loved.

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