The Mentorship Program is an important activity implemented by Luong Van Can Fund every academic year. Via the program, each student is connected with a mentor in the same field of study. Mentors would guide and help students in their study, career orientation and individual development. This connection helps students have a companion from whom they can seek advice, glean insights, and gain the opportunity to develop their mindset, attitude, skills and knowledge through monthly exercises and private meetings.
In addition, the Mentorship Program contributes to the establishment and expansion of a responsible community through young, talented mentors, who wish to contribute to society and voluntarily fulfill the mentoring responsibilities.
  • Help Luong Van Can Fund students enhance their own abilities to better contribute to the development of the community and society.
  • Establish a network of excellent individuals (Mentors) who are dedicated to community development and support young people.
  • Become a reference channel to help Luong Van Can Fund in finding potential candidates capable of long-term training and development.

Help Luong Van Can Fund students improve their competence and develop themselves in the following aspects:

  • Open-mindedness.
  • Goal-setting skills and planning 
  • Professional competence and career orientation.
  • Have an opportunity for better personal growth.
  • Improve skills and expand networks with other trustworthy mentors having diversified expertise and careers.
  • Improve leadership and management skills; practice listening and communication skills.
  • Experience self-rewards for making a difference to students’ lives.
  • Enjoy a mentor’s job and show commitment to guiding and supporting mentees’ development.
  • Be a graduate and have at least three years of work experience since graduation 
  • Be committed to spending about 2-3 hours per month in 8 months from December 2021 to July 2022.
  • Join the initial orientation program.
  • Communicate well, listen attentively, empathize and welcome students.

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