Luong Van Can Fund initiated the Mentorship Kick-off (academic year 2020-2021)

On Saturday afternoon, 14/11/2020, the very first activity of Luong Van Can Fund (LVCF) in the school year 2020 – 2021, which was the Kick-off session of the Mentorship Program, was held at Offyplex – the office of Officience company, one of LVCF’s partners. The program was attended by approximately 70 mentors and mentees.

Owing to many changes in the program this year, the meeting was divided into 2 separate sections to ensure correct understanding to both mentors and mentees.

In the first half of the program, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Thao – the representative of the Fund, stated an overview of the participants, objectives and missions as well as the adjustments in this year’s program regarding mentors, in which whether students have mentors or not depends largely on their proactiveness. They will have the opportunity to express themselves and connect with their mentor, then, based on the level of “good intentions”, Mentors will choose their desired students. In addition, LVCF puts an emphasis on the mentoring process so that mentors and mentees could develop the most effective relationship. Therefore, the Fund invited Mr. Vo Minh Quan – CEO of Inbound Marketing Partner, a former mentor,  to share about his mentorship experience. According to Mr. Quan, not only do mentors need to listen to mentees more but also need to avoid giving solutions to mentees’ problems. He explained that there would be no general advice for mentees as their situations vary. Mentors should facilitate students with a better panoramic view of their problems, so that they could figure out their personal problems and let them come up with a solution by themselves.

Proceeding with the mentoring orientation, LVCF allowed mentees to meet mentors, discuss and get acquainted so as they can find the most suitable “partner”. Unlike previous years, instead of being arranged by major, being selected for the mentoring team is dependent on mentees’ proactiveness in expressing themselves to mentors. Matching and learning from mentors from other job and fields was also encouraged by the Fund, with a view to finding a compatible one.



In LVCF, each mentee is regarded as a unique seed with different characteristics to be valued and assisted to reach its full potential. The Fund respects their difference and creates favorable conditions for them to “bring up” and “sprout” it. During the growth of each seed, the mentor’s tending role is of huge importance. The Mentorship Program is held to help students get more exposure to adults who succeed in their academic field, therefore, students have a clear view about what they want and need to do in the future. Each student is a potential seed with outstanding abilities and enthusiasm, and the Mentorship program has been a catalyst for those seeds to “sprout”, “grow”, and “bear fruit” for life.