Projects Closed – The Community Opened

On June 20th 2021, Luong Van Can Fund (LVCF) wrapped up the Community Project Program of the 2020-2021 school year online via the Google Meet platform. The two-session event attracted the interest and enthusiastic participation of more than 170 students.

Community Project is one of the most important activities at Luong Van Can Fund (LVCF). Participating in this program is an opportunity for LVCF’s students to practice teamwork skills and improve the ability to plan, organize and implement a project. Furthermore, they become more aware of the communities that need support and the problems that need addressing in Viet Nam. Through these activities, LVCF hopes to instill the students with the spirit of giving and contributing to the development of society regardless of their own difficulties.

A variety of contents and implementation methods

Through the wrap-up, LVCF’s students that had worked on 19 community projects had an opportunity to share what they had done and what they had learned from the implementation.

To begin with, there were projects launched online under various formats such as Facebook Fanpage, Online Workshop, WordPress, Blog, etc. The contents were created to equip people with useful information on myriad topics such as meditation – yoga, vegetarianism, Japanese culture, medical knowledge, and health. Some caught the audience’s interest and went positively viral, such as “Self-help guidebook for university students” Fanpage, which quickly reached 1200 page interactions. Additionally, the “Tang Kinh Cac Website” project, a website for LVCF’s students to borrow and exchange books, was built in just 4 months but had all essential functions and a handy database. Running online projects provided students with the chance to learn how to create contents, design media publications, and spread positive values to the community.

Besides, projects interacting directly with beneficiaries were still going on, mostly aimed at those with difficulties and disadvantaged social backgrounds. It was not a novel concept, but this was rather challenging. Being inexperienced but enthusiastic, the students of LVCF went the extra mile to take various measures as well as make the best use of available resources. For example, the “Spread love” project raised more than 15 million VND to help homeless children and the elderly at shelters in Ho Chi Minh City; the “Eradicate illiteracy – Keep the faith” project brought great hope to children at Hoa Hao orphanage (in Ho Chi Minh City) by equipping them with knowledge and basic life skills.

Reflection on a journey

It is worth noting that during the implementation, the project teams received enthusiastic support from the Fund’s Mentors, organizations, and sponsors, both in terms of material and spiritual assistance. LVCF sincerely wants to express its appreciation for and gratitude to those following and supporting their students. Every form of support is a lesson about “giving”, which was considerably invaluable to the project’s authors – LVCF’s students.

Despite unavoidable shortcomings in preparation, even conflicts and arguments, students had made their best efforts to contribute to the projects with all enthusiasm. At the same time, they had all learned precious lessons about teamwork, project management, personnel organization, internal regulations, and other must-have soft skills. The 2020 – 2021 community project program had closed, but LVCF believed that projects would still continue to operate and spread positive energy to society.

Some pictures of the event:

Articles and photos: Media team – Luong Van Can Student Club.