Luong Van Can Fund organized training program “Finance and Career”

Personal finance is one of the core subjects in the skills training program for students of the Luong Van Can Fund. In the 2023-2024 school year, the program was held directly in Ho Chi Minh City with the name “Finance and Career”. The program took place under the leadership of four speakers: Ms. Soi Tran Dung Ngoc Lien, Mr. Dang Ngoc Thang, Ms. Le Thuy Bao Tram, and Mr. Vu The Quang. Students from the Luong Van Can Fund and VietHope Fund also participated in the program.

To kick off the training program, students engaged in the MoneyWe board game. This practical activity helped them gain a preliminary understanding of their personal financial situations. Through this activity, the speakers emphasized: “Personal finance is more of a personal story than just finances.”

In the subsequent part of the class, the concept of “Clear expenses – Multiple revenues” was discussed instead of “Multiple revenues – Reduce expenses” for developing a personal financial plan. The speakers introduced a novel interpretation of resources that can assist in accomplishing financial goals, including economic, human, intellectual, and social resources. Apart from knowing what resources one possesses, it’s also essential to coordinate them appropriately according to one’s current situation to achieve the initially set goals. 

The afternoon program began with a recruitment simulation activity from two different companies. Through this activity, students could grasp crucial aspects of choosing a job and learn how to negotiate for a salary and benefits that match their abilities. This helps them develop a proactive and confident mindset, enabling them to face employers instead of following the traditional job-seeking mentality. Following that, students were trained in various skills to prepare before meeting with an employer, including cognitive skills, people skills, and emotional skills.

At the end of the program, the group of speakers collaboratively answered questions from participants regarding personal financial matters while also sharing experiences about setting personal financial goals. Through the “Finance and Career” training course, students accumulated valuable lessons in personal financial management and gained experiences in making suitable career decisions.

The Luong Van Can Fund sincerely expresses gratitude to the speakers for their companionship and significant contributions to the organization of this training program. 

Source: LVCF Media Team