Luong Van Can Fund organized the Workshop “Science of Love”, academic year 2021 – 2022

Given the emotional needs of students and the need to deepen their knowledge and skills of what love entails, Luong Van Can Fund cooperated with Menthy, a social enterprise in mental health, to organize the workshop Science of Love. The event was organized on Sunday morning, April 3rd, and hosted by Nguyen Ngoc Giau, who holds a master’s degree, and psychologist Nguyen Hieu Thuan.

What is the difference between a happy and an unhappy couple?

This was the first question that the speakers posed. According to the Gottman Institute, the young often have misconceptions about love. It is a fact that conflict is a common issue in any intimate relationship. Therefore, happiness does not mean the absence of conflict; instead, it entails the ability to manage conflict successfully. This insight helps young people understand love better.

The triangular theory of love is a key learning point of the workshop. According to Stemberg’s research, the triangle of love includes the three key components: Intimacy, Linking, and Empty Love. Perfect love combines all these components and cannot exist without any of them. In addition, speakers also provide students with insights into “The Sound Relationship House”, with the first three layers playing a foundational role.

At the end of the Science of Love Workshop, there is a Q&A session. Students had an opportunity to seek clarifications and acquire a better understanding of love.

Luong Van Can Fund would like to thank Ms Ngoc Giau and Mr Hieu Thuan for taking the time to share with the Luong Van Can Fund students. Hopefully, the helpful sharing of the speakers will make them more confident in their journey towards the love of their lives.

Source: LVCF Media