Luong Van Can Fund organized the program “Swipe right – Why should recruiters choose you?” as part of the Mock Interview 2022 program

On March 27, Luong Van Can Fund organized the program “Swipe right – Why should recruiters choose you?” as part of the Mock Interview 2022 program. The program is moderated by Ms Luu Thanh Huyen – Founder of VOCO Center & VOCF, Director of Capacity Development & Organization of L’Oreal Vietnam, Forbes Vietnam Under 30, and Ms Nguyen Thai Ha – Head of Recruitment Services – J.O.H.N Capital.

The program offered opportunities for students to have better insights into how to catch the recruiters’ attention by letting their personality shine through in their CVs and interviews. The speakers brought in practical knowledge and skillfully facilitated the discussion.

At the same time, Ms Ha also shared the main features that students should list on their CVs so show their capabilities. Ms Ha offered examples of common mistakes facing the preparation process and worked with participants to analyze these errors. Following the program, Ms Huyen Luu brought new perspectives on requisite skills on the job. Drawing on personal experience, Ms Huyen and the participants discussed the question “What do employers look for in an interview?”. Based on the provided information, employers would consider three factors:

  • Can Do: With the details on the CV, the employer considers whether an applicant’s skills, knowledge, competencies, and attitudes meet the job’s requirements.
  • Will do: Employers measure the rate of motivation and adaptability of candidates in the face of work pressure.
  • Will fit: Employers consider the candidate’s suitability for the job (such as whether they match the company’s culture, team culture and the nature of the job).

In addition, Ms Huyen also shared some interview tips

  • Before the interview: candidates need to understand themselves, study the employer, and practice for the interview.
  • During the interview: Be confident and ready to manage any situation, giving a concise To offer appropriate responses, the candidates can use the STAR model (Situation – Task – Action – Results).
  • At the end and after the interview: Choose questions wisely, say goodbye to the employer and express sincere appreciation to the employer. The candidate might consider sending a thank-you email for a good impression.

Finally, in the Q&A section, Ms Huyen gave students helpful advice on their questions and concerns in preparing CVs and interviews with employers.

Luong Van Can Fund would like to thank Ms Huyen Luu and Ms Thai Ha sincerely for taking the time to share with the Luong Van Can Fund students. Hopefully, after the program, the students have equipped themselves with the appropriate skills and knowledge to win over employers.

Source: LVCF Media Team