Luong Van Can Fund organized “‘Mindfulness Movement” program

On Sunday morning, October 29th, 2023, Luong Van Can Fund collaborated with Mr. Le Trung Duc to organize a sharing and practice session entitled ‘Mindfulness Movement.’ with the attendance of 12 students from Luong Van Can Fund and Viethope Scholarship Fund.

To share insights and help students experience inner balance and new social awareness while collaborating in groups, Mr. Duc introduced a three-part sharing session comprising:

  • Movement with speech, rhythmic exercises, footsteps, and breathing exercises.
  • Movement with piano music.
  • Ending and sharing.

In the first part, Mr. Duc guided students in physical activities involving props such as balls and sticks, etc. He explained that this approach would assist students in keenly observing and feeling their bodies. Participants were guided to monitor their entire bodies from top to bottom, like the act of observation as a refreshing stream flowing through. Subsequently, students transitioned to activities connecting with their feet, beginning with the perception of gravity by bringing the body forward and backward. Following that, participants engaged in experiential stick dancing within a circle. These activities enabled students to pay attention to each gesture and small action while practicing their concentration on internal emotions.

In the second part of the program, Mr. Duc and the students explored  how to pay attention to the variety of sounds with the piano. Through each rising and falling note, participants could feel a whole from head to toe and, in turn, express the creative power of vowels, consonants, or tones in each sound.

In the end, the students were divided into pairs and sat down to share their feelings and thoughts. They also had the opportunity to review the content they learned in the sharing session, thereby gaining a new perspective on inner development.

The Foundation sincerely thanks Mr. Le Trung Duc for his time and enthusiasm in sharing with students. Hopefully, through the sharing session, students will be equipped and strengthened in their awareness of caring for their inner emotions.

Source: LVCF Media Team