Luong Van Can Fund organized a company visit program to COOLMATE

On December 15, Luong Van Can Fund organized a company visit program to COOLMATE for students from both Luong Van Can Fund and Viethope Foundation.
During the visit, representatives of COOLMATE, including CMO Ms. Nguyen Hoai Xuan Lan, and HR executive Ms. Ha Phuong Thao intimately shared COOLMATE’s development journey with the students. According to Ms. Lan, the company’s core value is to intensely focus on customers,  which has driven COOLMATE to optimize shipping policies and enhance product experiences to ensure customers satisfaction. Ms. Lan also emphasized that COOLMATE is a dynamic start-up willing to embrace market challenges and learn from new experiences. Furthermore, she highlighted that COOLMATE ensures compliance with its commitments and is prepared to take responsibility for its actions during the service implementaton process. These efforts are aimed at achieving COOLMATE’s primary goal: providing the best possible customer experience. The values shared by Ms. Xuan Lan have helped students gain a better understanding of COOLMATE’s ethos and why the company’s services consistently leave a positive impression on users.

In the next segment of the program, Ms. Phuong Thao, representing the HR department, provided students with detailed information about the working culture at COOLMATE. CoolMate invests more resources into developing its corporate culture than other startups. The business culture instills employees with a sense of security in their jobs and provide opportunities for personal growth within an open environment. During her presentation, Ms. Thao also emphasized the importance of employee connectivity for achieving optimal productivity. Not only office staff but also operational employees participate in training courses to enhance their skills, which motivates them to fulfill their duties at the company. Ms. Thao further discussed the recruitment process at COOLMATE with the students, including the timing and application procedures. Her information sparked enthusiasm among the students, leading to numerous questions about positions at the company. The questions focused on:

  • Areas where COOLMATE frequently hire new employees
  • The key factors that influence the HR department’s decision to accept an application
  • Career advancement opportunities at Coolmate
  • COOLMATE’s social responsibilities

In the final part of the program, students toured two COOLMATE work areas: the office and operational blocks. Each sector provided insights into COOLMATE’s goods management system and highlighted the methods used to optimize this system.
Luong Van Can Fund sincerely thanks COOLMATE for its support and for accompanying the Fund’s students on their personal development journey. We hope that in the future, COOLMATE and the Fund will organize more meaningful programs for students.
Source: LVCF Media Team