In an energetic start to the Year of the Tiger, on the morning of February 12, 2022, Luong Van Can Fund organized a training program entitled “Service Learning – Why doing good is good for you?” The speaker, Pham Van Anh, is currently Founder & President ECO Vietnam Group and Lecturer at Van Lang University.  The program aims to help students understand the significance and benefits of community projects and approach more essential activities for their current and future personal development.

What is Service Learning?

At the beginning of the program, Mr Van Anh clarified the definition of Service Learning to help the students better understand this phrase, which is new to many Vietnamese students. Service Learning is the balance between Service and Learning, and is a learning experience associated with community service with solid plans, goals and directions.

The role of the Service Learning model 

Based on personal experience, Mr Van Anh shared some  examples of Service Learning to demonstrate the role of this model for young generations. When implementing a project, students can improve their  analytical and critical thinking skills, acquire more knowledge about life and understand real-life problems that the community is facing in order to provide  appropriate solutions. Thanks to the valuable experience gained in the project, students can apply their professional knowledge to life, which helps them communicate effectively, understand more about themselves, and identify their career goals.

Why should the Service Learning model be used more frequently?

Service Learning is a platform to develop youth personality through experiential learning. According to Mr. Van Anh,  the Service-Learning model provides opportunities for the participants to practice leadership skills effectively and to understand the social conditions of the community they live in or research.

After the sharing, Luong Van Can students took the chance to address concerns relating to their project implementation in the Q&A section. Luong Van Can students eventually acquired their awareness of responsibilities in a community project. Regardless of the number of projects they participate in, the foundation is the determined spirit and meaningful lessons they have accumulated through each project.

Mr Van Anh offered his insights in an energetic and engaging manner brought helpful knowledge to the students with energetic and attractive ways of conveying ideas. Luong Van Can Fund would like to give special thanks to Mr Van Anh for devoting his time to Luong Van Can students and the sharing program. We hope that our students will gain knowledge and experience to run their upcoming community projects better.

Source: LVCF Media Team