for POSTGRADUATE students in Vietnam

Luong Van Can Fund (LVCF) was established as a non-governmental, non-profit organization under Decision No. 4561-QD-UBND dated 12 September 2014 by the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee. LVCF aims to facilitate and support outstanding undergraduate and postgraduate students who have clear development goals, to contribute to the country’s progress and improve society.
In alignment with its mission, Luong Van Can Scholarship Fund thereby announces the opening of applications for domestic scholarships (hereafter referred to as Luong Van Can Scholarships) for the 2021 – 2022 academic year. The scholarships aim to support students with outstanding academic achievements from disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue their higher education at the post-graduate level at Universities/ Colleges in Vietnam.

I. Scholarship description

1. After a careful assessment process, the Selection Committee will award the full scholarship or partial scholarship packages, which cover full or partial tuition fees (depending on the tuition fee of each university) and tuition fees for foreign language classes  and living cost (fixed amount per month).

2. During the period of scholarship grant, recipients are required to submit grade and semester reports to the Scholarship Board and Fund Management Council.

3. The scholarship evaluation includes two main rounds – the preliminary round (Round 1) and the personal interview round (Round 2) – as well as the group interview (optional, based on the quantity of application). The number of scholarships may vary from year to year.

4. Candidates can apply in any period of the semester. The scholarship takes effect after the candidate has received the scholarship confirmation.

II. Candidate Eligibility

Candidates that fulfil the following criteria are eligible to apply for a Luong Van Can scholarship:

  • Candidates must be Vietnamese nationals (without dual citizenship), currently enrolling at post-graduate level at a domestic university, with priority given to Agriculture, Medicine, Natural Science, Science and Engineering
  • Candidates must have a university degree classified as Excellent or above, with priority given to those who are among the top 20% in their faculty in terms of GPA.
  • Candidates must have experience in scientific research, whether as an author of a science research project, a member of a science research group or a research fellow at domestic/ international laboratories, or have published papers in academic journals/posters in science conferences/science research competitions at any level.
  • Candidates must demonstrate leadership and have clear goals.
  • Candidates must demonstrate devotion to the community and society and proactively participate in social activities, extra-curricular activities and volunteer work (in/ outside of Vietnam)
  • LVCF prioritizes candidates who have a good language skill.
  • LVCF prioritizes candidates who have a disadvantaged background (lower-income background, living with disabilities or in isolated areas).

*Note: Candidates with disadvantaged backgrounds who may not meet the aforementioned academic requirements are still encouraged to apply for further assessment.

III. Application forms and procedures

  1. Online Application Form
  • Fill in the online application form via:
  • Attach soft copies (scanned copies in PDF format) of the following documents (from number 2 to 9) to the application form with the required format: [Full name of candidate] – [Name of Document]
  1. Complete Financial Proofing Form
  2. Attach University transcript and bachelor’s degree, certified by the School Board
  3. Attach Post-graduate transcript (updated to the latest semester) certified by the School Board. For those who have just started their course, please submit the schoolboard-certified confirmation document.
  4. Attach Personal statement
  • No more than 02 A4 pages, Times New Roman font, size 12, written in Vietnamese with tone markers.
  • In this letter, candidates need to choose either of these topics:

Topic 1: Why do you deserve this scholarship?

  • Accordingly, the statement needs to include, but is not limited to, the following topics: the candidate’s academic prowess; post-graduate programs the candidate is currently pursuing and why; future career goals; participation and/or leadership roles held in extracurricular activities, community service, work experience (if any, such as internships or volunteer positions); the candidate’s sources of motivation at school and in life.
  • Clear presentation of the candidate’s ambition and detailed plan to achieve the dreams play a significant role in the Personal Statement and highly contribute to the assessment of the candidate.

Topic 2: Candidates are required to share their viewpoints on the questions below:

  • Currently, what issues of the community attract your attention?
  • What is your solution for addressing those issues? (The solution may be based on your skills and knowledge)
  • Have you applied those solutions to your circumstance? Are there any results? If not, what has prevented you from implementing these solutions?

*Note: Community where you live or work in (province, district, commune, school, class, etc.)

  1. Attach Recommendation Letter of Lecturer 
  • You can ask for a recommendation letter from the homeroom teacher, School Board, or an alternative teacher who knows you well.
  • This letter needs to explain your academic competency, according to the sample provided Both handwriting and typing are acceptable.
  • Note: The teacher’s recommendation letter highly contributes to the assessment of the candidate. The more details about the candidate the letter provides, the greater chance the candidate may have of receiving the scholarship.
  1. Letter certified by local government (commune, ward or township people’s committee etc.)
  • This letter needs to elucidate the candidate’s disadvantaged circumstances, demonstrating the candidate’s need for financial aid for continued study.
  • The letter is expected to STATE the address, telephone number, email (if any) of the local office for further contact from LVCF when necessary.

*Note: If the candidate does not come from a disadvantaged background, please submit a PDF file with the word phrase: “I do not have a ‘Disadvantage Circumstance letter’ certified by local authority”.

  1. Awards, Certificates
  • Awards/ Certificates that certify academic/extra-curricular records or working experience of the candidate
  • Please scan and save all in 01 PDF file
  • Language proficiency certificate (if any)

IV. Selection Criteria

In alignment with the vision of Luong Van Can Scholarships, scholarships shall be awarded to candidates who are deemed as eligible and worthy based on academic ability, academic achievements, academic goals, and whose family backgrounds comply with the above requirements. Scholarship awards do not discriminate against any region, race, religion, or gender. In particular, a successful candidate must:

  • Clearly and logically present their academic and life goals
  • Demonstrate their dedication and effort to achieve their goals as described
  • Demonstrate leadership and devotion to community, society
  • Verify the (family’s or personal) disadvantaged background and need for outside support for continued education
  • Demonstrate a commitment to sustaining efforts during the period of the scholarship and there-after.

V. Contact

For any questions or suggestions regarding the scholarships, please contact us by email at: