Luong Van Can Fund organized scholarship award ceremony and orientation program, academic year 2023-2024

On September 29, Luong Van Can Fund successfully organized a Scholarship Award Ceremony for 132 students and an Orientation Program for new students to receive Luong Van Can’s scholarships in the academic year 2023 – 2024. The event was held at Ly Tu Trong Youth Union School. In this academic year, Luong Van Can Fund welcomes 36 new members as well as continues to award scholarships to 97 current members. They are all students with good academic performance, a spirit of overcoming difficulties, eagerness to learn and a clear future plan.

The Scholarship Award Ceremony took place in a formal and warm atmosphere when students not only listened to the sharing from representatives of the Scholarship Admissions Committee but also received many congratulations from the alumni. At the ceremony, Do Thi Kim Ngan, represented all Luong Van Can scholars to express their sincere gratitude to the sponsors, and guests for the collaboration and companionship with Luong Van Can students during the past time.

I would like to express my gratitude to the benefactors, sponsors, teachers, and the Executive Committee of the Fund. I would also like to thank our Mentors for their thoughtful consideration and care towards us. Thank you for your support, assistance, and kindness. Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to live a dignified and meaningful life. Thank you for choosing us and helping us. And thank you for making us feel understood, loved, and not alone in our lives.”- Do Thi Kim Ngan, a student who received the Luong Van Can Scholarship in the 2019 academic year, expressed these words during the Scholarship Award Ceremony.

Do Thi Kim Ngan, granted Luong Van Can Scholarship 2019, is delivering her speech at Scholarship Award Ceremony 2023. 

During the orientation session, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Thao – Director of the Fund, on behalf of the Executive Board, exchanged important information about the Goals – Vision – Mission of the Luong Van Can Fund with new students receiving scholarships. This is an opportunity for new students to better understand the core values as well as the activities at Luong Van Can Fund in the school year.

After the scholarship ceremony, the students attended the Fund’s traditional camp with the theme My shine – Myself with a variety of collective activities and sharing. This year’s camp aims to guide the students towards the image of a hero in the new era, someone brimming with self-belief and always ready to send light and love to everyone around them. The beginning of the Camp program is an evening activity session coordinated by the  Executive Board. Through the questions of the Executive Board, the students can better understand the operation process, training programs, and projects at Luong Van Can Fund in the school year. This year’s activity is also an opportunity for the management team of Luong Van Can Student Club to introduce their activities to new students and share interesting experiences when working together at Luong Van Can Fund. The functional departments of the club are in turn introduced to the students in a professional yet playful manner, reflecting the energetic nature of the students.

On the morning of September 30th, the students continued to attend the Light Up panel discussion with the presence of three guest speakers:

  • Thanh Tu Hoc Si – Tran Quoc Thai: Currently, he is an expert researcher and instructor well-known in various Eastern philosophical disciplines.
  • Nguyen Thi Minh Tan: She obtained a Ph.D. in Community Health and graduated from National Yang-Ming University. Currently, Dr. Tân serves as the Executive Director at Menthy, a company specializing in mental health care.
  • Ngo Thuy Ngoc Tu: She is the Co-founder and General Partner at Touchstone Partners and also the Co-founder of YOLA Vietnam.

The panel discussion consists of two parts. The first part involves presentations from the speakers, focusing on building and preserving core values in personal development. The second part of the panel discussion is a Q&A session between the speakers and the students about the issues that concern or puzzle the students after listening to the presentations. Through this, students are inspired by the modern-day heroes, individuals who also face difficulties and struggles like everyone else but continuously work to build their own values and contribute to the community.

In the evening, students organized and participated in some camp’s traditional activities – musical performances, group sports games and sharing memories. In such a warm atmosphere, safe space without technology interaction, students shared their feelings, ambitions and together created good memories at the Luong Van Can Fund.

The Scholarship Award Ceremony, the Orientation Program and the Camp are annual activities of the Luong Van Can Fund to create strong connections between various generations. Students from various majors and universities across the country have  chances to meet and share with each other many meaningful moments of youth.  Luong Van Can Fund believes that the program will be the start of a new academic year with many beneficial activities for students.

Summary video of the Scholarship Award Ceremony and the Orientation Program for students, academic year 2023-2024.

Source: LVCF Media Team