The Final Round of “The Change Agent” – The Green hearts of the Youth

Someone ever said: “The world suffers a lot not because of the violence of the bad but because of the silence of the good.” The TIME magazine has recently recognized Greta Thunberg as TIME person of the year for her speech to motivate people to protect the environment. The competition called “The Change Agent” held by Luong Van Can Fund with the aim of searching for more Greta-Thunberg-like Vietnamese people, who are always willing to raise their voice and show their ideas for several social problems we have to deal with. “You are not alone, because we and the sponsors are here to make your ideas come true and spread their values into society.” Ms. Pham Thuy Tien – a member of Luong Van Can Fund Foundation Management Council showed her opening statement in the Final of “The Change Agent”, which took place on Sunday morning, 15/12/2019 at VTC Academy.

The 8 teams competed so enthusiastically with creative ideas like friendly-distributed products such as hampers for market, bags made from potatoes, etc. The others are about to inspire people to change habits like eating vegetarian food, the challenge of 66 days without plastics, etc. Every project has its own mission but all show the same enthusiasm and empower to positively change the environment.

The sponsors raised so many questions related to the possibility, competence and the true value of each project. In addition, the candidates improved their projects thanks to the feedback from the sponsors.
Finally, the final result was officially announced in expectation of the candidates and audiences.

– All of the 8 projects in the Competing Round are sponsored from 6 to 20 million VND.

– The Favourite Award with 4 million VND goes to F(x) = Old Clothes project from School of Medicine’s Social Work Team, which achieved 347 reactions, 286 shares and 292 comments with 3000 points in total.

– Ms. Luu Thi Huynh Nhu with reducing using plastic bags from traditional markets project and Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuc Uyen – the owner of project called “Vetential – Try being a vegetarian – Try a change”, who performed confidently in their presentations were awarded the 4-day and 3-night journey to Malaysia for further study about sustainable development.

The final round of this competition finally had a happy ending with the happiness of both the audiences and the candidates who have sponsored projects. With the excellent performance within 2 months, all of the green warriors and their projects, whatever round they can go, are worth honoring. Luong Van Can Fund sincerely express the deep gratitude to all of the sponsors including Six Senses Con Dao, ASAS – Association of Study Abroad Support, Galaxy Studio Joint Stock Company, Vietnam GHN Joint Stock Company, Global Infrastructure Corporation, VTC Academy and Ms. Pham Thi Diem Huong and Ms. Tong Thi Huong – members of Advisory Community, whose support is so valuable that assists the new generation to be more responsible and willing to solve several global problems.

It is hoped that many green projects that have the support in spirit and matter are all willing to come true. After that, we can see a significant change from these decisive factors.

Congratulations to our factors of change, once and again!