The initiation of “The Change Agent” competition

With a view to accomplishing the mission of building up a community with all-round and mindful  Young people who will take the forefront to address crucial issues within the community, Luong Van Can Fund organizes the competition “The Change Agent” as an approach to contribute to social development. This is also a stimulating environment to spread the spirit “Pay it forward” among the youngsters.

It is believed that with creativity and the advantage of social supports, young people can operate and manage small-scaled projects improving the common life during schooltime, without having to be immensely wealthy. It is commonly quoted that “The world suffers a lot not because of the violence of the bad but because of the silence of the good”; therefore, the project implementation is considered a process nourishing good citizenship and awareness regarding social burning problems.

The Change Agent aims at seeking and raising voices and ideas concerning social issues, particularly among young people. At the same time, the potential ideas are directly sponsored and invested by enterprises and corporations during their implementation, which promotes the sharing of  Responsibility within community members. This is the first time in Ho Chi Minh City community projects conducted by students are financially backed up and followed in their executions.

The competition’s themes vary annually. Exploring the subject “Environment” in its first launch in 10/2019, the event attracted far more than 70 projects nationwide from junior students to even the working staff. The vast majority of ideas revolved around the environmental aspects of agriculture, forestry, medicals, fashion, education and so on. Significantly, the competition was accompanied by prestigious enterprises such as Six Senses Con Dao, Association of Study Abroad Support (ASAS), Galaxy Studio Joint Stock Company, Vietnam GHN Joint Stock Company, Global Infrastructure
Corporation, together with ambassadors including Ms. Helly Tong, a famous model, Ms. Rosie Nguyen, an author, and Vlogger Chan La Ca. The events did draw attentions from universities and over 2.800 followers as well as 77.000 interactions via the program’s fanpage. Overall, the total sponsorship for 8 projects nominated into the final round amounted up to 122 million VND.