Online training during pandemic

“Out of sight” not “Out of mind”

Recently, the Covid-19 pandemic in Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces has become very complicated. Consequently, many activities held by Luong Van Can Fund (LVCF) have temporarily ceased; most of the LVCF’s students have also returned to their hometown because their university classes have switched to online platforms. However, with the desire to maintain cohesion among students and bring them more values, LVCF has attempted to maintain their activities, especially online training sessions. Last weekend, LVCF conducted 2 training sessions which were extremely engaging and necessary for students during the pandemic.

What factors impact on making decisions?

LVC’s Student Club organized the Training Decision-Making Skills program named “Ỏ” on the night of Friday, June 25th, 2021, with the participation of nearly 60 LVCF’s students. The speaker was Mr. Danny Võ, Vice President of the Business Association of Overseas Vietnamese (BAOOV), a member of Asia Professional Speakers Singapore (APSS). He also received the Young Creative Entrepreneur Award (YCEA) from British Council (UK), Top 10 Venus – Asia’s Outstanding Leaders in 2019, and other achievements

At the beginning of the program, with the purpose of bonding LVCF’s students, the Organization Board divided the students into six groups to discuss one of three hypothetical situations. These situations were related to social relationships, leader’s roles and career options, which were so fascinating that the students discussed them enthusiastically.

After the discussion, Coach Danny Vo pointed out some necessary concepts such as “What is the problem?”, how to classify it, and some techniques for problem identification. Thereafter, he introduced the seven-step model of problem-solving, which involved identifying, analyzing the problem, giving solutions, considering, evaluating, planning, implementing, and measuring the efficiency of the outcome.

The speaker shared a simple method to evaluate an alternative based on four criteria of an effective decision, which were quality, punctuality, acceptability and moral suitability. However, it is advisable to bear in mind that every individual has his/her own cognitive complexity and problem-solving ability, which are influential in the decision-making process.

Procrastination – the enemy of our success

On Sunday afternoon 27th June 2021; students had a chance to meet LVCF’s alumni in a training called PRODUCTIVITY 101. It is the topic that everyone pays attention to nowadays, in the context that we work from home with a lot of distractions which obviously reduces our concentration. Therefore, this program attracted the participation of more than 60 students and alumni. Accompanied with the training, we had many useful sharings from Mr. Phillip Anthe Co-Founder and COO of Homebase – a prop-tech start-up providing home ownership solutions in Vietnam.

At the beginning of the program, Mr. Phillip An shared the methods that he had been applying at his company so that his employees could work most effectively. In general, there were 3 methods:

  • Set goals and specify them into a “to-do list” – it helps focus on conquering our goals.
  • “Fake it until you make it” – Believe that we can conquer the goals and focus on our actions to attain our goals.
  • Group similar tasks together and solve each of them to save time; instead of multitasking- doing many jobs at the same time and switching between them.

According to the coach, we need to start working on a to-do list in addition to planning cleverly and setting goals wisely because the delay was always the enemy of success. Besides, he advised us to clearly define our top priorities in order to work effectively and achieve our desires.

In the exchange section, the speaker, students and alumni had a lively discussion about other methods to increase productivity such as the Pomodoro method, which included handling the divided tasks early as well as asking questions about the problems that killed productivity.

Once again, LVCF wants to show its thorough gratitude and appreciation to the speakers – Mr. Danny Vo and Mr. Phillip An for sharing invaluable experiences to the Fund’s students. Hopefully within the very short time of the programs, the students could gain valuable knowledge and necessary insights to be able to make wiser decisions as well as work more effectively in the future.

Articles and photos: Media team – Luong Van Can Student Club.