On Sunday 26/07/2020, The Student Executive Board of Luong Van Can Fund successfully run a program to wrap up Community Project, which was within the scope of Mentorship program, to summarise a 6-month period of implementation for 27 meaningful projects.

The wrap up began with a brief overview of 5 major groups of projects, with topics including Assisting people in need, Supporting learning and future orientation, Inspiration, Information provision and Raising awareness towards environmental problems. Thanks to the brief introduction from 5 representatives, it could be inferred from the show about the general picture ,painted by 27 projects as well as the flexibility of the students when conducting them during the COVID pandemics.

The next part of show was a talk show under the name of “Fanpage and the untold stories”, which revealed the advantages and the difficulties during the implementation via social network (a tool that was mostly chosen by project conductor in this season). The wrap up session was concluded with the sharings from noticeable projects regarding experiences on funding, networking, marketing and continuing the projects over time.

The wrap up did convey and summarise the value contributed to the community by groups of LVC students, illustrated by specific numbers and actions as well as the lessons acquired for themselves. Regarding the this program, Ms. Vu Thi Nguyet Que, Head of Marketing Department, Suntory Pepsico Vietnam Beverage Company, stated: “Conducting Luong Van Can Community Project gives the youngsters a golden opportunity to harness necessary sets of skills such as team working, analytical thinking to assess the reliability and practicality of a project, or approaching potential beneficiaries. These are prominently essential dexterity which is required in the future workplace”.

From the process of project management, the scholars did gain valuable experiences. To illustrated, Vu Lan Anh and Lieu Vo Khanh Huy, after failure to attract audience via online fanpage in the project “Positive Media”, came to realise the need to incorporate the post with eye catching posters as well as quality content. Additionally, To Duy Hung, leader of the project “TECA” which supplied a map for electric ware stores in HCMC, enthusiastically shard about his learning how to develop a basic website and taking charge of a group, thus helping him express his own ideas more easily. From another corner, the students also accumulate new things such as sewing face-masks (Project “Medical masks against the pandemic”) or seeking sponsorships (Project “School medical cabinet”), which together promises an alternation in the project conductors, heading for gradual self-perfection.

Besides the lessons gained for the launchers,  the projects also brought about meaningful changes to the community. To clarify, over the project implementation, there were more than 1000 used batteries being collected for recycling and more than 1000 face-masks being produced in “The battle for communal health” and “Medical masks against the pandemic” projects respectively. The project “School Medical Cabinet” built up a drug case for disadvantaged students in Tam Binh ward, providing medical aids as well as a variety of medicines for common illnesses. Regarding online platforms, the 7-month period of project running did witness a fairly significant impact, with more than 50 sophisticated posts reaching out to approximately 2000 students, facilitating beneficiaries with necessary pieces of information about learning at high school and university levels, from “Campus Deep Review” and “Universities’ Stories”.

It is believed that the values of community projects do not merely lie in its scopes, but in the significance received by the society and the lessons learned by the scholars, contributing to foster Luong Van Can Fund’s “Pay It Forward” spirit. It was also the message conveyed from the Wrap up, affirming “give and take” custom in relevance to the development of each and every individual. “We don’t need to be immensely wealthy in order to help others. What one should bear in mind is the awareness, or attitudes in other words, to contribute to the society and the regular practice of it, taking advantages of one’s own knowledge skills and external supports. Irrespective of large or small scales, it it important that we make an effort to produce a calibrated and beneficial project.