LVC Students visit TIKI Company

On December 19, 2019, Luong Van Can Fund has organized a tour to TIKI Company for the Fund’ students. Thanks to the enthusiastic guidance of Mr. Linh Truong – Director of Recruitment and Human Resources Management of TIKI, LVC-ers have had the chance to listen to his wholehearted sharing about the operation process as well as to visit the workplace in Tiki Company.

Thanks to the sharing, students had a better understanding of the formation process and important milestones of TIKI from 2010 up to now. It was quite astonishing to learn that TIKI stands for “Tìm Kiếm” (Searching) and “Tiết Kiệm” (Savings). With the motto hidden in that name, TIKI always seeks a way to make it easier for customers to find their products and to shop at a reasonable price. As a result, from a small company that simply sells books, TIKI has developed into one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Vietnam.

On visiting the company, students were impressed by the way TIKI named each of its departments such as Vo Nguyen Giap, Le Hong Phong, etc which is to inspire employees. Besides, they also answered students’ questions about recruitment standards as well as how the company controls the quality of all the items.

The company tour has given students the opportunity to observe and learn from real experiences so that they can apply these insights and useful lessons into their future career paths.