Luong Van Can students attended “News Literacy” Training Session

Under the stage that all the country is fighting against the outbreak of COVID-19, there is also another tense battle called the war against false news. With billions of social network users in which the majority are youngsters, just a fake news about the epidemic being rumored would lead to millions of shares afterwards, which pathetically confuses and misleads the general public.

With the desire to prepare for Luong Van Can students with the ability to analyse and authenticate information thus avoiding misleading by false news, LVCF held a training session “News Literacy” at OffyPlex – Officience’s Office on Saturday morning 20/06/2020. Came sharing with the students in the main program was Mr. Nguyen An Dien , a journalist, Fulbright scholar at Columbia Journalism School (2014) who received an award from Foreign Press Association in New York (2016) and the author of many articles posted on The New York Times, The Washington Post, etc.

Throughout the session, various examples of false news were illustrated under the witty and seasoned sharings from Mr. Dien. After practising analysing such false news, the students learned to “suspect” and critique any information received, consider multiple perspectives, search and select information from authentic sources and communicate to the public effectively.

Regarding the reason for partaking in the session, Mr. Dien enthusiastically shared: “For me, this is an occasion to listen and understand what the youth are thinking and how they approach information. It must be admitted that I cannot make this sharing widespread on my own, therefore, LVCF is my choice because I know that there are many young students from various fields who are potential to make prominent changes and major influences on social networks. If they know how to evaluate information, they can help join hands to deliver reliable sources to not only their family, but also the community, which contributes to limit the spread of false news. “

With an increasing number of multifaceted sources of information that people are exposed to everyday, making questions and having suspicions about the reliability, the accuracy of each piece of news is the key to approach the problems more thoroughly. Thanks to the session, Luong Van Can Scholarship recipients were facilitated with helpful information and necessary skills to combat fake news.