Luong Van Can Fund organized a series of training sessions entitled “Personal Financial Management” on 6/3, 13/3, and 20/3/2022 to equip LVC students with knowledge and essential skills in money management and help them strive for financial freedom.
The training session was conducted by Mr. Nguyen Minh Nhat, the founder of Centi. Coach and Heo Đất- Make Cents Make Sense, Personal & Family financial coaching practitioner and lecturer. Although the program was held online, with a creative and warm operation, Mr Nhat provided, by virtue of his creative and approachable style, an engaging and interactive platform where participants could discuss financial issues from multiple perspectives. “Personal finance” is more about “personal” than “finance”. According to the speaker, young people should identify their interests and passions because those are underlying factors to help them affirm their development paths and set career goals . These elements enable young people to realize what they need to do for themselves and the community and what their contributions are.

Personal finance habits reflect your career potential.

To shed light on this view, Mr Nhat facilitated group discussions in which participants shared their views on various scenarios. According to the speaker, managing personal receipts and expenditures demonstrates how well you plan your everyday job. The appropriate guideline for systematic financial management is “Clear Expenditures – Diverse Income” instead of “Reduced Expenditures – Diverse Income”. Furthermore, financial knowledge is vividly conveyed by applying charts with easy-to-remember names such as “Financial Model Assurance”, “Pentagon Fraud Model”, etc. After every sharing session, students could thoroughly understand the importance of acquiring financial skills, information and awareness of building professional skills, foundation skills, digital skills, and transformation skills.

In the last session, Luong Van Can students and Mr. Nhat discussed case studies regarding salary negotiations. “ What is the salary you desire?” Mr. Nhat asked students and then assisted them in analyzing the factors that contribute to wages and the relationship between salary rates and personal finances. By utilizing the aforementioned models, Mr Nhat believed that students would be able to map out their essential expenditures as a yardstick for determining their salaries. Once they had done so, they could consider other costs. This approach gives them peace of mind when it comes to managing money.

Luong Van Can Fund would like to express sincere thanks to Mr. Minh Nhat for spending time supporting the students. The training session provided the students with essential practical skills for managing their finances more successfully.

Source: LVCF Media