Luong Van Can Fund organized online Training Session: Sex education

The period of social distancing under the influence of the COVID-19 epidemic has substantially changed various aspects of our lifestyles. However, this “break-time” is also the chance for the refreshment of physical and mental health as well as the storage of knowledge in preparation to a dynamic coming back. Acknowledging such a necessity, Luong Van Can Fund flexibly organised online activities beginning with the training “Sex education” on 14/04, 19/04 and 09/05/2020 which aimed at providing the students with informative facts related to gender and sexual issues.

The students joined the sharings were divided into two groups. Leading the groups for female students was Ms. Tieu Thao Ngan, a midwife and an seasoned lecturer in terms of reproductive health for adolescents and youngsters. Regarding the sharing among male students, many issues are sophisticatedly raised by Mr. Nguyen Tan Thu, a renowned doctor in the field of HIV/AIDS treatment, who works and provides consultant for HIV patients and those who show concerned for the issues, at “Nha minh” clinic.

The training sessions gave the scholars an insight into human physiological development based on natural characteristics of the gender, and guided them on recognizing and adapting well to the changes within the bodies. Other issues such as gender and sexual orientation and abortion were also mentioned and received vigorous interaction from the students. “Informed about gynaecological diseases, I realize my understanding of the subject is quite narrow, though it directly affects my physical health. Seeing the illustrated images of the diseases reminds me of paying more attention to my body and health.” shared Kieu Trang.

Though sex is considered the most sensitive topic in Asian culture, with a witty, friendly, and subtle lead of the 2 speakers, the hesitation was overcome when the attendees raised myriad questions regarding issues that were commonly misled. For both male and female groups, when it comes to sex, what the two speakers shared in common was to encourage the students to clearly perceive their  needs and consciously take the possible consequences that they have to suffer into careful consideration.

In terms of the most satisfactory lesson from the sessions, Van Hot shared: “What kept me thinking about was that sexuality is about personal orientation, not standardized feelings; therefore, we must always respect others irrespective of their sexual orientation and do not ever impose our view on others.”

The training equipped the students with a wealth of reliable and useful information so that they could dig deeper into the physiological and psychological aspects of human, thus avoiding the unfortunate damage physically and mentally, fostering self-awareness toward a healthy lifestyle.