Luong Van Can Fund organized a tour to “Giao Hang Nhanh” Company

Continuing the company tour series, on the morning of January 11st, Luong Van Can Fund held a visit to Giao Hang Nhanh Company – a successful e-commerce start-up. This activity has marked the beginning of training sequences and company tours to be organised in 2019.

The program started under the guidance of Ms. Le Thi Doan Trinh – HR director of SCommerce Group – the parent company of Giao Hang Nhanh, Ahamove, Gido, Lala. Giao Hang Nhanh (GHN) is the first subsidiary of SCommerce, and was established before the parent company in 2012 with 7 founders who are enthusiastic young people. Ms.Trinh also shared with students the initial difficulties when starting the company. From the first few hundred orders, GHN has been growing, expanding, becoming one of prestigious delivery services with a record of handling 500,000 orders a day and their employees present in all 63 provinces and cities across the country. Students understand that, to gain such success, the enterprise must be constantly updated and change to adapt to the market.

After the introduction, the company facilitates students to visit the workplaces of each department. Students understand more about the working environment, company culture as well as career opportunities in Giao Hang Nhanh. Here, everyone, whether a director, a manager or an employee, works together. It is the friendly and open atmosphere that facilitates breakthrough and creative ideas with development space.

Not only visiting the office, LVC students were also able to visit the warehouse of GHN. Here, all questions related to the deliver-receive-return process of students were answered enthusiastically by company employees. From the bravery story of young Vietnamese people applying technology to contribute to the country’s commercial development process, thus creating thousands jobs, the students were inspired and motivated to boldly pursue their dreams.