First-round results of the competition “The Change Agent 2019”

After many days of lively discussion for many times of “putting up and putting down’’, we – organizers of “The Change Agent” are happy to announce the best 10 projects that will continue in the “Pitching Round” of the contest:

Project # 1: “Green Ads” by Pham Thi Thuy Kieu.
Project # 2: The “Reuse in life” app by HCMUS group Kagura.
Project # 3: “F(x) Old Clothes” by School of Medicine’s Social Word Team.
Project # 4: “Using plastic waste to create float during the flood season” by The Noah Team.
Project # 5: “Reduce using plastic bags from traditional markets to save the environment” by Luu Thi Huynh Nhu.
Project # 6: “To reduce wasting food of the consumers in Viet Nam” by Fridge Team.
Project # 7: “Sorting platform and recycling garbage collection at source” by FUTU group.
Project # 8: “VETENTICAL” by I- Unity Group.
Project # 9: “AGRIFOOD” by group of AGRIFOOD.
Project # 10: “66 days-No More Plastic” by OISP Youth Union Team.

We – organizers did witness all of potential “The Change Agent” in each of your ideas. May it be small but it can be promising to bring many positive changes. With all of the projects that are not to forward on, we are also very grateful for your passion to the environment. That is the most valuable thing. You have brought to the contest many fresh and meaningful ideas despite of some missing points. As the organisers of the Competition, we hope you all will continue seeding and carrying out your projection for that the aim of the competition are not just merely a competition or a prize, it is to hand in glove and save our beautiful green planet, indeed?

Even though you are not able to advance to the next round “Pitching Round”, all teams will still stand a good chance of winning a 4-million-VND “the favourite project” prize for online selection. For further information, please visit our fan page: