Debate Contest held by Luong Van Can Student Executive Board

After days of expectation, Saturday morning, June 22th, 2019 witnessed the Final Round of the Debate Contest organized by LVC Student Executive Board. Launched posterior to the “Reasoning Skills” training session, this was a great opportunity for the Fund’s recipients to put what they had just learned into practice. The contest honorably had the attendance of Ms. Nguyen Mong Tuyen (The runner-up of The Next Mentor Viet Nam 2017, the consultant of ample debate-related competitions) as the jury.

Through careful consideration and conservative estimate in the Qualifying Round, the 12 best candidates were chosen to the Final Round. Subsequently, they took turns to debate in the following order: Individual – Group – Individual. In the First Round, each contestant randomly picked up a social topic; Then, they presented their opinions and answered questions of the jury in 3 minutes. 6 contestants with the most convincing arguments won the tickets to the Second Round – Debating in groups.

Revolving around the theme: “Should the method of chemical castration be applied to convicted paedophiles?”, each group has 10 minutes for each part, speaking and answering respectively. Thanks to Ms. Tuyen’s professional comments and enthusiasm, the issue has been broadened deeply. Two contestants with the highest scores in the Second round competed in the Final one.

Going through 3 rounds of thrilling competitions, Huynh Kim Phung (a freshman of Ho Chi Minh City University of Law) is the champion; Tran Le Huynh Trang (a freshman of Van Lang University) is the runner-up while Vo Thi Phuong Thao (a freshman of Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics) wins the third prize. The winners will receive valuable scholarships from the Language Institute of Ms. Nguyen Mong Tuyen.

The competition also brings LVC’s series of 2018-2019 activities to an end. This year has seen an increasing number of programs organized by the Executive Board with numerous success being achieved, promising more creative, dynamic and professional activities next year.