Growing up from Luong Van Can’s roof, LVCF Alumni are currently working in many different fields. No longer are the little boys or girls who timidly embarked on an interview for the first time at the Fund Office, they have grown up with rich experiences, accumulated life experiences, and confidence, steadily entered lifetime. Some of them are doctors, teachers, or working at foreign companies, and some others are still pursuing studies in another country. Regardless of the profession, they all have one thing in common: members of Luong Van Can’s family, and rarely leave this roof, because alumni are still sticking with Luong Van Can Fund by supporting and mentoring the next student class.

Le Thi Lien
Chan Thien My Translation and Consulting Company
I was born in the countryside of Thanh Hoa Province. My family currently lives in Ho Chi Minh City, including five members: my parents and my siblings. Dad opened a small barbershop and mom worked in a restaurant. I am the oldest sister. My younger brother is going to take university exam and my younger sister is in primary school. When I was less than one year old, I unfortunately got sick and left behind with paralysis of the lower extremities. Since then, all my activities need the support of relatives, especially my mother. But luckily, unlike many other people with disabilities in the countryside, I received support from my family to go to school, and I myself was very determined to study. Going to college was a turning point in my life. Due to health reasons, I cannot leave home alone. So my mother accompanied me to Ho Chi Minh City to continue my study path, while my father and two children stayed at home. When I was in my second year of university, my father and two children moved to Ho Chi Minh City to reunite with us. Currently, I have a job thus I am able to help my parents pay for living expenses and take care of my two siblings. I just have a simple hope that the whole family will always be healthy and harmonious, the two children are obedient and hardworking. I will try to accumulate knowledge to improve my translation work towards becoming a reputable translator.
Tran Thi Minh Trang
Product Development Specialist
MoMo E-Wallet
"Live kindly" has always been guideline motto in my work, study and life. As the main labor in a family of 5 members, I always strive every day at work and study to have good income to help cover our living expenses and pay family debts. I am very fortunate to have received a lot of support and assistance from schools and scholarship organizations such as Luong Van Can  Fund. These are great motivations for me to reap many titles and achieve good academic results. I will continue to train and improve myself in order to become a project manager with both talent and heart. In addition, my own cherished wish is that before the age of 35, I can build a free IT center for poor children in my hometown.
Thach Thi Sa Ruong
HR Administrative staff
Nam Sao International Education Development Investment JSC
I was born in a farming family in Cau Ke District, Tra Vinh Province. Currently, I am an Administrative - Human Resource Officer at a company specializing in the field of education. In the future, I want to work in my major to have more opportunities to develop and learn.

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