Challenge “Staying Healthy with Luong Van Can Fund”

Staying healthy with Luong Van Can fund (LVCF) was an activity promoting physical activities and exercises launched by the Luong Van Can students club. the challenge appealed enthusiastically to the fund’s students in all cities and provinces nationwide.

The challenge encouraged participants to choose one of two options: (1) film a video having at least one and a half minutes of taking exercise or (2) use the Strava app to finish five kilometers of jogging/running/cycling. afterward, they would share their achievements via the Facebook group and invite two friends to do the same.

Besides regular exercises, the students came up with new creative ideas such as making their practicing styles, introducing characteristics at their hometowns. posts drew the public’s attention and excitement thanks to sincere sharing, peaceful and bustling tet celebration atmosphere in their homes.

From Feb 4th to Feb 18th, the challenge earned 95 participants, 19 videos, and 76 running routes on the Strava app. The posts had over 1800 reactions and 760 comments in total. In the end, student Nguyen Truong Tho won the excellent prize with the highest likes on his post and responding with all criteria of the organizing team.

Beyond the opportunity of practicing or enjoying meaningful moments with their families after a year of studying hard, the challenge was increasingly connecting and integrating within the LVCF community.

Through the staying healthy game, we LVCF hopes to spread the spirit of exercising that helps people be in good health and have a better lifestyle; as building a wholesome way of life is choosing a journey of great joy, success, and happiness.

Articles and photos: Media team – Luong Van Can Student Club.