Growing up from Luong Van Can’s roof, LVCF Alumni are currently working in many different fields. No longer are the little boys or girls who timidly embarked on an interview for the first time at the Fund Office, they have grown up with rich experiences, accumulated life experiences, and confidence, steadily entered lifetime. Some of them are doctors, teachers, or working at foreign companies, and some others are still pursuing studies in another country. Regardless of the profession, they all have one thing in common: members of Luong Van Can’s family, and rarely leave this roof, because alumni are still sticking with Luong Van Can Fund by supporting and mentoring the next student class.

Tang Ngoc Tuan
University of Technology (VNU-HCM)
I was born and grew up in a farming family consisting of 5 members. My father, besides working on the field, also is a freelance worker to earn extra money. Apart from working on the field, my mother also helps my father weave fishing nets. Our income depends totally on upland fields. Understanding our difficulties, I have tried my best to study to have a better life than my parents. In the future, I hope to make my parents have a more enjoyable life. I want to develop myself in Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Deep Learning. My dream is to study abroad, become a professor in these field and work in an international environment.
Huynh Van Hanh
Foreign Trade University HCMC
I was born and raised in Ho Chi Minh City. When I was in grade 6, my father had gastrointestinal bleeding and his condition continued to get worse despite successful operation. He ended up losing his ability to work. My mother became the bread-winner of the family. When I entered university, my tuition fee was a big concern for my family. Luckily, LVC Scholarship came as a miracle and it helped ease my parents’ financial burden. I study Foreign Economic Relations because it can give me opportunities to do business with foreign countries in the future as well as meet my interest in learning different languages and cultures. It is also a great basement for my dream job, in which I hope to devote myself to the export-import industry, help to grow the turnover, and contribute to the wealth of my country.
Nguyen Thanh Hau
HCMC University of Technology and Education
I was born in Thap Muoi – a countryside area in Dong Thap Province. My family has 5 people. Apart from my parents, I have an elder brother who works as a jurisconsult and a younger sister who is studying at the College of Foreign Economic Affairs. Rice cultivation is an unstable job, depending greatly on weather conditions. With such low earnings, my family had to be highly thrifty to afford two children’s schooling. Currently, the health of my parents is gradually weakening and suffering from emerging diseases such as osteoarthritis, heart diseases,… Due to hard work, my parents can no longer do heavy work. The family’s monthly living expenses depend completely on the income of my father as a guard and partly from my brother (since my brother also has a family of his own, his assistance for us is limited). From an early age, I was interested in exploring and passionate about Food Science. I participated in competitions and won many awards that made my family proud, such as successfully defending two school-level Scientific Research Topics, First Prize at Hutech Igen Marketers, Potential Intern at Nutifood,…In order to ease the burden of my family, I worked as an employee at Foody Company and registered to be a delivery driver at Now Company. My parents no longer worry about my living expenses since I entered university. Currently, I am still focusing on my plans to fulfill my dream and I desire to become a Director of a food company in the future.

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