A visit to “Viet Nam’s First Unicorn Start-up” – VNG Corporation

On Monday afternoon, 22/06/2020, the scholarship recipients from Luong Van Can Fund and VietHope did pay a visit to VNG Corporation campus, which is situated in Tan Thuan ward, District 7, HCMC. This has been the third company tour organised in 2019-2020 academic year, with a view to helping the students expose themselves to their future working environment.

Led by the enthusiastic introduction from the staff, the students understood more about VNG’s establishment as well as its journey into becoming the first ever “unicorn startup” in Vietnam, with an estimated value of over 1 billion USD in 2014. Also in this occasion, the students had a chance to explore the working space integrated with entertainment and sport facilities.

Regarding the most favorable experience from the trip, student Do Thi Kim Ngan enthusiastically shared: “Beside modern facilities provided in the campus such as swimming pools, gyms, automatic machines, etc, VNG stands out from other enterprises that I’ve ever visited for its equipment of a babysitting room, which indicates the thoughtfulness of the management committee toward the labour force.

Moreover, the trip gave me a deeper insight into the spiritual values that VNG fostered within their employees. Firstly, I was really impressed by the way the staff were called “starter”, which reminded them of relentless effort and abstinence from complacence. Secondly, it was the use of their own products, namely ZALO Pay within the campus, that stroke me significantly in terms of how to stimulate a sense of pride in the workplace. Thirdly, VNG named its meeting rooms under famous cities bearing its success as a stimulus for the staff to move forward. Last but not least, VNG did it best to create a comfortable working environment which suggests their priority of efficiency over appearance of the employees.

After the trip, I acquired the strategies deployed by powerful businesses to attract and motivate talented worker by enabling an ideal space for ideas and creativity. I also hope to have a chance to accumulate valuable experiences of work in this company”.

It goes without saying that each and every company tour will grant the students with interesting experience and gradually develop profound values. It is such a golden chance for the scholars to facilitate their own mindset in preparation for attending the future job market.