Scholarship Award Ceremony and LVC Welcoming Camp 2018 – 2019

Friday, 07 September 2018

On Friday 31/08/2018 Luong Van Can Fund successfully organised the ceremony to award 102 scholarships for students who are pursuing their studies in various Vietnamese universities. The ceremony took place in Vietnamese Association of Journalist Hall, Ho Chi Minh City.
Luong Van Can honorably welcome the presence of PhD. Nguyen Duc Nghia - Permanent Deputy Chairman, Association of Vietnam's Universities and Colleges, Chairman of LVCF’s Selection Committee; Mr. Huynh Quang Hai – permanent director of VSIP Group Management Council, Chairman of VSIP Group’s Management Council in the north and middle areas of Vietnam, a member of LVCF’s Selection Committee; representatives from John von Neumann Institution, Language Plus Academix English Center and Officience Company – a corporate partner, together with sponsors, journalists and companions of LVCF.
In this school year, apart from 53 former qualified recipients, the Fund welcomed 49 new candidates winning the selection rounds, two of whom are physically disabled and four of whom belong to ethnic minorities. They are admirable students with driving ambitions, strong will and remarkable academic performances accompanied by clearly-sketched and realistic future goals.

TUN 4343The Scholarship Award Ceremony was successfully organized

Subsequently from 31/08/2018 to 02/09/2018, a welcoming camp was held in Aodai Museum, District 9 with a view to promoting students’ understanding of LVCF’s missions and activities and orienting them towards good values such as earnest, generosity, ambition, etc to accomplish self perfection and dedicate to the community thereafter.
Together with degital detox lauched to enhance mutual understanding and connection, the camp participants had a chance to experience plastic detox in which they were encouraged to cut down on plastic items. Additionally, students acquired more lessons in terms of living modestly, not only towards others but also with their inner life.
The 3-day camp successfully conveyed meaningful significance regarding Luong Van Can fund’s activities and values, and aroused the feelings of belonging to a new family among the scholarship recipients. From this time, Luong Van Can Fund together with its 102 students will be ready for a new journey and willingly undertake any challenges to come.

TUN 5374Luong Van Can Camp is the only occasion for all LVC students to gather together