Representative of Luong Van Can Fund attended the opening ceremony of the school year 2017-2018 at John Von Neumann Institute

Monday, 25 September 2017

In the morning 25th September, 2017 John Von Neumann Institute (JVN) (Viet Nam National University Ho Chi Minh City) successfully organized the opening ceremony of the school year 2017-2018 at JVN Institute office. The representative of Luong Van Can Fund (LVCF) also attended and awarded 10 full tuition scholarships to students pursuing one out of two two-year Master programs at JVN Institute.
In the collaboration between JVN Institute and LVCF, the scholarships cover 100% tuition fee for graduates with outstanding achievements (priority to candidates who are in difficult circumstances) and who wish to attend one of two majors organized and trained by JVN Institute, which is the Master of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Master of Quantitative and Computational Finance (QCF).
In the morning of 22th September, 2017 JVN and LVCF conducted an admission interview for Postgraduate Scholarship JVN-LVCF applicants in the school year 2017-2018 at JVN Institute office. In this school year, scholarship applicants possess high academic abilities, good working and research experiences. Besides, several graduates from foreign universities also apply for JVN-LVCF scholarship.
Apart from attending the interview for JVN-LVCF scholarship, students who need financial support to pursue Master programs at JVN also registered to be interviewed for financial assistance (repayable, no interest) funded by the Endowment Fund in the cooperative agreement between LVCF and JVN.


Doctor Nguyen Minh Trung, the Deputy Director of John Von Neumann Institute taking a speech at the opening ceremony of new school year

2Tran Ngoc Hanh Van, new students’ representative, taking a speech

3LVCF’s and JVN’s representatives signed the cooperative agreement MOU to collaborate to provide scholarships and repayable tuition assistance

4JVN and LVCF representatives awarded the scholarship certificates for JVN-LVCF scholarship winners

hinh tha bong bongJVN lecturers and students flying their dreams with balloons to the sky

6LVCF’s representative giving flowers to the Deputy Director of JVN Institute in the ceremony

7The Admission Committee: Ms. Pham Thuy Tien - President of Luong Van Can Fund, Mr. Le Minh Quoc - Chief of Staff at JVN, Doctor Nguyen Minh Trung - the Deputy Director of John Von Neumann Institute and Ha Le My Quynh - Training Executive at JVN interviewing scholarship candidates

8The Admission Committee interviewing Bui Nhan Sinh – a graduate from Finland

9The Admission Committee discussing to select qualified candidates for JVN-LVCF scholarship