LVCF Student Executive Board held Mentorship Wrap-up: Summarizing Community Projects

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

After nearly 4 months of implementation, 21 community projects run by Luong Van Can Scholarship recipients have achieved remarkable achievements. To have a look back on such a journey, a meeting to wrap up community projects was organized by the Executive Board of LVC students club on May 25th, 2019 with the presence of the project conductors and their mentors.

By means of the play “Tao Quan” they’ve written, staged, and performed by the students themselves, they not only sketched out a general picture of all community projects but also emphasized the sense of making their best as expected by LVC Fund. Besides relaxing moments, the atmosphere during the Wrap-up also underwent emotional spells with students’ honest sharing about their fund-raising activities or moments about their warm-hearted and enthusiastic mentors. Additionally, the scholars had a chance to reminisce about their time via series of photo captured on lanching the project.

Aside from children in orphanages who were the main beneficiaries last year, the projects this year extended the focus to a wider variety of beneficiaries such as the elderly and youngsters in terms of emtional help and skills orientation as well. Also in this occession, impressive numbers recorded from several projects were shown: “Noi” (connecting patients with free medical examination and surgeries) approached over 150,000 people; “Khat khao xanh” collected 1,258 milk boxes which were exchanged into 62 bamboo draws to raise people’s awareness of protecting the environment; “A million batteries”, in the phase one, gathered 2,553 batteries and delivered them to the unit responsible for toxic-waste treatment; “Ve chai dien tu” did 52 transactions in which second-hand electrical accessories were sold to students in a affordable price.

At the end of the programme, a message was conveyed by the student executive board: “Everyone is a unique seed. Community projects as well as other activities held by LVC Fund aim at providing an appropriate environment where these seeds can germinate themselves and grow to the version as expected.”
Furthermore, that some projects will be continued even when the program comes to an end is a signal of students’ long-term vision and spirit while executing their community activities. This is a favorable premise from which love and community spirit are being spread increasingly.

DSC08234Representatives of each group excitedly introduced and shared their own projects


DSC08261Area for project-picture exhibition gave a deeper insight at experience of each group

DSC08261This is the first time the Student Executive Board has organized a Wrap-up Meeting for Mentorship programme