Luong Van Can Fund organized the third meet-up of Mentorship program

Monday, 16 October 2017

In the morning of 14th October 2017, Luong Van Can Fund (LVCF) organized the third meet-up of the Mentorship program at Norfolk hotel.
Following many positive achievements from various activities of the Mentorship program since May 2017, the third meet-up was not only attended by mentors who have partnered with LVCF from the outset of the program, but was also joined by new mentors, who share the same orientation to support 85 Luong Van Can scholarship recipients in the school year 2017-2018 to develop their Attitude, Skills and Knowledge.
Besides giving a general view about the Mentorship program to new mentors and mentees, the third meet-up also focused on deploying Community projects of the Mentorship program starting since early August 2017. These are projects planned and carried out by groups of mentees under the support of their mentors. These community projects are deployed to spread the “PAY IT FORWARD” spirit and to raise the awareness of contributing to the community amongst LVCF’s students - active young individuals and their mentors - knowledgeable, experienced and enthusiastic people. This activity enables students to apply knowledge and skills that they have learned into real social situations. The results of groups’ projects will be reported and summarized by the end of December 2017.


Mentors and mentees taking pictures together after the event

DSC02741 1

Mentors and mentees discussing over their Community projects