Luong Van Can Fund organized "Self-study methods" Training Session

Monday, 15 October 2018

Self-study is one of the most prominent requirement for students’ knowledge acquisition. In order to study efficiently with less time consumption and longer memorisation, students have to adopt a practical and scientific approach. For this reason, on Saturday 13/10/2018, Luong Van Can Fund (LVCF) held a training session in term of methods for self-study, with the sharing from M.A Pham Thi Thuy Tien, a lecturer of Applied Spychology at Hoa Sen University, one of the initial mentors of LVCF.

The training section was led off with a discussion regarding motivation in learning, which could be either extrinsic or intrinsic individually and occupy an crucial role in establishing personal learning methodology. Furthermore, LVC scholarship recipients also developed a deeper insight into how the brain worked in relation to knowledge acquisition, how to absorb information effectively without being interrupted and how to reward oneself after a long time studying (space-repetition, taking a break,v.v..)

With comprehensive incorporation of quizzes and facts into her intriguing interpretation, Ms Thuy Tien created a comfortably inspiring atmostphere, full of experiences not only for univeristy learners but also for further advancement in academic fields. Perceiving the significance of self-study, students were to facilitate with far more approaches to knowledge, thus applying them into solving practical problems in life.

3Q&A Session was responded with great enthusiasm

3A number of interesting activities were conducted during the program

3The training actually grasped the students' expectation