Luong Van Can Fund organized "Mastering personal finance" Training Session

Friday, 18 January 2019

It is not only when you have a lot of money and assets that you need to learn how to manage your finance. Managing a limited budget well is the base to deal with any financial troubles in the future. Understanding that, on January 13, 2019, Luong Van Can Fund organized a training course on "Mastering personal finance" at Officience company’s office for its and VietHope Scholarship Fund' students.The speakers came from Heo Dat MaMa – a private company providing personal financial planning, counseling and training services. This was the first time Luong Van Can Fund organized an all-day training.

At the beginning of the training, Mr. Nguyen Minh Nhat introduced to students a golden rule of Heo Dat Company: "Multiple incomings - Clear outgoings". Students got acquainted with the concept of financial management and understanded what "Clear outgoings" was. The speaker also emphasized that the future always brought both opportunities and risks. Financial management aimed to seize opportunities to protect yourself and your family from risks. Through some small exercises and interesting role-playing practice, Mr. Nhat let LVC students be familiar with “saving with a purpose” and controlling the flow of money. They leant to distinguish many types of expenses: fixed expenses, expenses for investment or personal development, contingencies.

In the early afternoon, the training continued with Mr. Le Hoang Linh's speech about "Multiple incomings". According to the speaker, “each individual owns a source of capital including human capital, intellectual capital, social capital and financial capital”. He advised young people to focus on developing self capital at the present so that it could later be transformed into financial capital. Some outstanding investment channels were mentioned as reference for them. Finally, financial management as well as anything else required persistency and must go hand in hand with family values. The training motivated them to plan their own spending and investment. In addition to changing learner’s awareness, Heo Dat - Make Cents Make Sense will also organize 21-day financial management challenge to help LVC students get insights in changing behavior, proceed to master personal finance effectively.

DSC07462The speakers introduced about core principles of Heo Dat Company: "Multiple incomings - Clear outgoings"

DSC07462LVC students shared their financial situation

DSC07462A role-play exercise to deal with family financial crisis

DSC07462This was the first time LVCF organized an all-day training