Luong Van Can Fund organized its communication skills training workshop

Monday, 18 December 2017

Communication skill is of paramount importance for students in the preparation for their future integration into the job market. Besides, mastering communication skills appears to greatly help with their studies at universities. Understanding the importance of this soft skill, Luong Van Can Fund (LVCF) successfully organized a communication skill training workshop for the students at Norfolk hotel on December 12th, 2017.
Thanks to the presentation of Ms. Pham Thuy Tien, President of LVCF with the support of Mr. Le Nguyen Duy Hau, mentor of LVCF’s Mentorship Program, the students took deeper insights into the nature, process, and importance of communication in almost every aspect of our lives.
In the training workshop, the students were trained about principles of email communication, including important notes aboutwriting and responding to emails, the speaker’s personal opinions and responding to inquiries regarding communication skills.
The workshopengaged the students to participate actively with the presenting of different examples and arguments that the speaker creatively integrated into the training content.Therefore, the students were provided with useful information and valuable experiences to apply the principles to real life.
Soft skills training, including communication skills training, is one of many regular activities that are conducted by LVCF to benefit scholarship recipients, for the purpose ofsharpening the attitude, skill, and knowledgeof LVC students, besides providing financial assistance throughannual scholarships.

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The discussing section of the workshop was actively joined by the speaker and students
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The students were excited after participating in the training workshop