Luong Van Can Fund organized "Design Thinking" Training

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Considering “Design thinking” one of the useful thinking skills that are employed in various fields and bringing up tremendous advantages, Luong Van Can Fund did organise the training on Saturday morning 18/05/2019 at Officience Office. Came sharing with the students was Ms. Man Thi Hong Thien, an experienced researcher in the field of Design Thinking and a visiting lecturer of Van Lang University, Yersin University (Da Lat) and University of Architecture (HCMC).

During the session, Ms. Thien helped the scholars gain a deep insight into the definition of Design Thinking involving “3I”: Inspiration, Ideation and Implementation. The speaker also emphasized the complication in developing this skill, in which quality followed quantity. To clarify, the more choices people have, the more flausible the solution is. In addition, mind map was also said to be an invaluable tool in enhancing this kind of intellectual skills.

The training session also introduced students to the term prototype. The students were given a chance to explore a multitudinous collection of prototypes ranging from architecture, service, garment industry and so on, from which the rule “thinking when doing” was generated.

The session was enclosed with the group practice of using empathy map. The group collected informaton in terms of speech, behaviour and emotions of the elderly and then applied their newly-gained knowledge to make use of the data. The scholarship recipients were immensely engrossed in the session thanks to its exoticity and applicability.

DSC08179The speaker explained the definition of “Design Thinking” to the students


DSC08212The attendees practiced using the empathy map

DSC08212The training brought up useful knowledge to the students