Luong Van Can Fund held “From negotiation skills to administrative skill” talk show

Friday, 29 March 2019

The talk show “From negotiation skills to administrative skill” organized by Luong Van Can Fund on Tuesday morning, April 26, 2019 was graced by the presence of Professor Phan Xuan Truong as the guest speaker. Mr. Truong is the International Trade Consultant of the French government and also the author of two well-known books, namely “A lifetime in negotiation” and “A lifetime in administration”. Taking place at the hall of Ho Chi Minh City University of Law, the event was attended by over 200 people.

To begin with, Prof Truong led participants to familiarize themselves with important factors of negotiation in which he emphasized the gradual transition in the 21st century from ownership to fellowship relations adhering to the principle “win-win”. Taking the poem “Little Bom” as an instant, the professor pointed out that when either of the parties was unaware of what they wanted, what their partner wanted them to understand, and the true meaning of what they were to take over, the breakdown of a negotiation occured. Additionally, that one of the parties denied the opportunities to reach mutual understanding from their partner was also the cause for the failure of the bargain.

With an air of amicability, simplicity and humour, the speech directed attendants to make a distinction between the two profoundly mistaken terms: management and administration. Noticeably, a great number of negotiation skills can be well applied to personnel management. People attending the talk show were provided with interesting and salutary lessons drawn from the sharing of Prof Truong with wealthy experience in administrating thousands of people.
The talk show ended successfully. This is the first time Luong Van Can Fund has held such an event including a large attendance, aiming at spreading knowledge to many others.



Professor Phan Van Truong shared his negotiation and management skills with over 200 participants

DSC08054The event became very heated coming to the “Question and Answer” part

DSC07943The professor and LVC students took a photo together