Luong Van Can Fund has organized the third meet-up of the Mentorship program

Monday, 31 July 2017

On July 29th, 2017 Luong Van Can Fund (LVCF) successfully organized the third meet-up, which is a regular activity of its Mentorship program and this time was attended by mentors and LVCF’s representatives at Norfolk hotel.
The mentors attending the third meet-up, who are supporting students of LVCF through their different roles like assisting, guiding and counseling, possess seasoned experience and expertise in various fields such as Medicine, Law, Human Resource, Research, Technology, Finance and so on.

The meet-up offers mentors an opportunity to communicate, exchange knowledge and form multiple relationships with each other. Also, LVCF has gathered reviews and ideas contributed by mentors in order to run Mentorship program more efficiently in the future.

Despite its initial purpose of meeting up and sharing ideas between attendances, through the meet-up LVCF has received a lot of precious ideas and valuable contribution from mentors. The ideas and contribution of mentors are expected to continuously develop the Mentorship program, so LVCF can assist students in LVCF much more effectively.

Hinh 1 2                                                                     Mentors are participating in a team game

Hinh 3 1Mentors are discussing ideas about the Mentorship program’s activity

Hinh 2 2
Groups are sharing their ideas about the Mentorship program

Hinh 4

Group photo of mentors and Luong Van Can Fund’s representatives