Luong Van Can Fund has organized the first meet-up of the Mentorship program

Monday, 15 May 2017

On May 13th, 2017 Luong Van Can Fund successfully conducted the first meet-up of its Mentorship program at Norfolk Hotel. The location and facilities for the event were provided by Norfolk Group, one of the main sponsors of Luong Van Can Fund from the very first day.

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                                              The presence of Mentors and Mentees in the first meeting

The Mentorship program is a totally new kind of program organized by Luong Van Can Fund, planned with a trial period starting from May 2017 and ending in April 2018. Students (mentees) in the program are divided into a number of small groups under the supervision of their mentors, who possess seasoned experience in their fields and are willing to support mentees with their skills, knowledge and expertise. The meet-ups of each group are scheduled once a month and all groups every three months. This activity serves the ultimate purpose of Luong Van Can Fund which is facilitating the student's spiritual well-being. The program provides students with opportunities to sharpen their social skills and learn to become national and global talents.


                   Mr. Nguyen Thanh Minh - Chairman of the Luong Van Can Fund shares with mentors
In the first meet-up, mentors and mentees attended in several activities to know each other. Before the date, mentees had been acquired to finish homework about their personal values and their future goals, which were later discussed by both mentor and mentees in their groups. The mentors gave feedback to students in order to understand themselves more deeply and develop their vision for future.
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