Luong Van Can Fund conducted “Project Management Skill” Training Session

Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Project is a term familiar to college students, which applies on a regular basis in their school assignments or future jobs. Considered an essential skill for students to capture, project management skill was chosento be a topic in Luong Van Can training session held on 22 December 2018. Come sharing with the scholarship recipients was Ms. Ngo Huyen Tram, who finished her Master decree in Cambridge University (UK) and is currently a Project Manager in Procter & Gamble - a corporation operating in FMCG production & distribution.

During the first hour, the speaker introduced three dominant aspects of a project, which were scope, cost and schedule, as well as the importance of balancing these three elements. Also presented in her speech was the phases of teamwork in conducting a project, including forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning. Among these, the storming phase – when arguments and conflicts arise – would help team members to have a clear understanding of others’ expectation, thus resulting in a more fruitful collaboration.

Highly appreciating the importance of practice in the learning process, Ms.Huyen Tram offered the scholars a chance to practice with a start-up project about Envelope & Notes. The participants were randomly divided into 8 groups with a view to formulating ideas and drawing up a plan for production, distribution as well as determining prices and expenses for the project. Students from various majors thus had an exhilarating time for discussing, presenting their projects before receiving constructive feedbacks from the speaker.

After three hours in receipt of innumerable practical knowledge and experience from the speaker, the students were facilitated with more confidence and leaned torwards potential projects in the future.

DSC07288Ms. Ngo Huyen Tram shared with LVC students about important factors in managing a project

DSC07288The students were engrossed in the discussion

DSC07288Presentations about the projects were made before receiving feedbacks from the speakers

DSC07288The training attracted many LVC scholars