On Saturday 27/10/2018, Mentor Meetup – the initial activity belonging to ’s Mentorship program (academic year 2018-2019) was officially launched. The activity welcomed the participation of LVCF’ scholarship recipients as well as mentors – who are experienced in various fields and willing to support LVC students in the incoming journey.

Self-study Training Session

Monday, 15 October 2018
On Saturday 13/10/2018, Luong Van Can Fund (LVCF) held a training session in term of methods for self-study, with the sharing from M.A Pham Thi Thuy Tien, a lecturer of Applied Spychology at Hoa Sen University, one of the initial mentors of the Fund.
On September 24th, 2018 morning, John Von Neumann Institute (JVN) - Vietnam National University HCMC organized the academic year 2018-2019 Opening Ceremony at its office. Luong Van Can Fund (LVCF) representatives also attended and provided 5 scholarships for applicants following the two-year Master’s degree program at JVN. Before, on the…

"Caring Community" Camp 2018-2019

Friday, 07 September 2018
Subsequently from 31/08/2018 to 02/09/2018, a welcoming camp was held in Aodai Museum, District 9 with a view to promoting students’ understanding of LVCF’s missions and activities and orienting them towards good values such as earnest, generosity, ambition, etc to accomplish self perfection and dedicate to the community thereafter.
On Friday 31/08/2018 Luong Van Can Fund successfully organised the ceremony to award 102 scholarships for students who are pursuing their studies in various Vietnamese universities. The ceremony took place in Vietnamese Association of Journalist Hall, Ho Chi Minh City.